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Recording Studio


Sound Design


Developing, producing, editing and recording audio elements in various areas including television, film and multimedia
Music Composition
Full music composition
Music arrangement  
Adapted or remixed music composition 
Licensing music from extensive in-house library, ranging from soft ambient to diverse rock, acoustic to theatrical 
Sound FX


Collection of sonic material from original locations, atmospheric sound libraries,
custom-made sound effects, music cues
and various sounds
Creating particular moods and distinctive soundscapes for characters, places, rooms, cities or situations
Audio Mixing / Mastering 
Achievements in television scoring


Themes and audio mixing:

•  The Wedge (Channel 10 Network, Pay TV, European TV)

•    Surf Patrol (Channel 7 Network)

•    Dirty Jobs (Channel 9 Network)

 Documentaries, Specials. 

(ABC Network and Pay TV) 

Achievements in musical compositions:

•    Neighbours

•    Home and Away 

•    Village Roadshow 

•    Blockbuster

•    Gamestar +


Achievements in jingle writing: 

•    Austereo Network

•    Spring Racing Carnival

To name a few!

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